• New album in stores and online, and the Wilderness of Manitoba tickets for the Trinity St.-Paul’s Toronto show on sale

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    We’re very excited to tell you that our new album, Island of Echoes, is

    now in stores and available online in Canada. Although every band

    says it, we really do feel that this is our best album yet and it comes

    with beautiful artwork by Sean Lewis. For our fans outside of

    Canada, be patient. We are looking for the right like-minded partners

    to give the album a proper release. We also want to thank all our fans

    who have bought our music and who voted for our song on CBC Radio

    2. You can hear Echoes on CBC Radio 2 and Morning Sun on CBC

    Radio 3! The video for Morning Sun directed by our friend Zuzana

    Hudackova will be online soon. We’ll let you know when and where.

    There are lots of good things happening right now and one of them is

    that we are going to be playing Trinity-St. Paul’s in Toronto on October

    26th. It’s this incredible old Church on Bloor Street West. Tickets have

    gone on sale and are available online at TicketBreak and at

    Soundscapes and Rotate This. The direct link is