• the Wilderness of Manitoba played 3 great shows @ SXSW: New York next

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    The Wilderness of Manitoba played three great shows at this year’s SXSW (or so our manager tells us!). Thanks to Ben at CD Baby plus all the folks at CIMA, OMDC, SOCAN and FACTOR. Not to mention all the hard working sound people and crews. The band is looking forward to playing the Mercury Lounge in New York again. If you’re in the city, come check us out. There’s a cool NYC band called Wooly and the Mammoth opening. They’re on at 7:00 PM and we’re on at 8:00!

  • the Wilderness of Manitoba – new video, new EP, new shows

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    The Wilderness of Manitoba leaves behind the winter doldrums with a burst of spring activity. The band has a new video, a new EP and new tour dates. The video for “Echoes” will be coming soon.

    The band’s new EP, the Leslieville Sessions, came out of a conversation that took place on a particularly long drive while on tour. Talk turned to how bands used to record live-off-the floor with no overdubs. That no safety net approach brought an immediacy to recordings. We spent one day, from noon to 1:00 AM, recording these songs, says vocalist/violinist Amanda Balsys. We really wanted to put out something that reflected the feel of the live band with its new members.” They went into Revolution studios in the Leslieville area of Toronto and recorded five songs including three songs written by Will Whitwham, Yellow Yard by Balsys and a John Martyn song called Head and Heart. The EP is scheduled for an April 9th release in the U.S.        

    Vocalist/guitarist Whitwham, Balsys, bassist Wes McClintock and drummer Sean Lancaric head out this week for more Canadian tour dates, several shows at SXSW, a CMW appearance as part of the Popguru 15th anniversary party and the beginning of a monthly residency in New York.

  • the Wilderness of Manitoba invites you to meet new bass player, Wes

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    The Wilderness of Manitoba invites you to meet our new bass player, Wes McClintock, at one of our upcoming shows in Owen Sound, Toronto, Austin or New York!

  • The Wilderness of Manitoba Invited to Play the Folk Alliance & SXSW

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    The Wilderness of Manitoba is excited to be playing the opening night

    celebration at this year’s Folk Alliance in Toronto on Wednesday,

    February 2oth. The band will also heading down to Austin for SXSW

    again in March. So, if you are going to be in either city, come check

    us out!

  • Thank you to our fans in Western Canada

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    The band would like to thank all the fans who came out to our shows

    in western Canada. The weather conditions were sometimes

    challenging, but we had a great time! We would also like to thank

    CKUA for making our album, Island of Echoes, number 1. See you


  • the Wilderness of Manitoba posts new video and tours western Canada

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    We’re big fans of Mitch Fillion’s video work and his site

    www.southernsouls.ca. We have posted a new one for the song Echoes.

    It was shot in the “urban barn” behind the house in Toronto where

    we onced all lived and where Will still does. It’s also where our studio

    is and where we still record a lot of our stuff. You can check out the

    video here:


    Right now, we’re out on the Prairies! Come out to one of our shows in

    Regina, Grand Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary or Canmore and say hi (!).

  • Toronto concert tonight! The Wilderness of Manitoba celebrates the release of their new album

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    We’re really excited to be playing to our Toronto fans, friends and

    family tonight at the historic Trinity St-Paul’s church on Bloor Street

    West. One of our favourite artists, Jeff Buckley, performed there! We’ll

    be playing songs from our new album, Island of Echoes, as well as old

    favourites. In addition, we’ve prepared a special arrangement of a

    song written by a well known Canadian songwriter. Can you guess

    which one?! For those of you who don’t live in Toronto, CBC Radio 2

    will be recording the concert for later broadcast. So, stay tuned!

  • CBC Music and CBC Radio 2’s Canada Live to record the Wilderness of Manitoba

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    We’re excited to tell you that CBC Music and CBC Radio 2’s Canada

    Live will be recording our concert at Trinity-St. Paul’s on Friday,

    October 26th in Toronto for later broadcast. So, if you live in the

    Toronto area, you can come to the show and be a part of what we

    think is going to be a really special evening. Kite Hill and Thomas will

    be our special guests. Thomas is Thomas Gill whom some of you may

    have seen playing guitar with Lake Forest, Will’s solo project. For

    those of you who don’t live in Toronto, we will let you know when we

    have details of the broadcast. So, literally, stay tuned! You can buy

    tickets from Ticket Break, Soundscapes and Rotate This. The link

    for Ticket Break is  http://www.ticketbreak.com/event_details/5489

  • the Wilderness of Manitoba video for Morning Sun premieres on Exclaim magazine website

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    Exclaim magazine wrote that “the vintage-looking video is

    appropriately pastoral as it shows the band performing beside a lake

    while some of their friends dance in the light of the setting sun”. This

    tribute to the Canadian summer cottage life can be seen here:


  • New album in stores and online, and the Wilderness of Manitoba tickets for the Trinity St.-Paul’s Toronto show on sale

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    We’re very excited to tell you that our new album, Island of Echoes, is

    now in stores and available online in Canada. Although every band

    says it, we really do feel that this is our best album yet and it comes

    with beautiful artwork by Sean Lewis. For our fans outside of

    Canada, be patient. We are looking for the right like-minded partners

    to give the album a proper release. We also want to thank all our fans

    who have bought our music and who voted for our song on CBC Radio

    2. You can hear Echoes on CBC Radio 2 and Morning Sun on CBC

    Radio 3! The video for Morning Sun directed by our friend Zuzana

    Hudackova will be online soon. We’ll let you know when and where.

    There are lots of good things happening right now and one of them is

    that we are going to be playing Trinity-St. Paul’s in Toronto on October

    26th. It’s this incredible old Church on Bloor Street West. Tickets have

    gone on sale and are available online at TicketBreak and at

    Soundscapes and Rotate This. The direct link is


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