• Will Whitwham’s End of Dreams EP Is “A Solemn And Poetic Statement”

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    CHILLFILTR called Will Whitwham’s long-awaited solo EP, End of Dreams, “a solemn and poetic statement about rites of passage in the life of an artist”. The website wrote that In the Ashes, their spotlight track, “has a majestic and broad sense of dynamics, beginning with the sturdy sound of the primary component, a flat-picked acoustic guitar, and some other atmospheric elements – notably, some long notes on electric guitar and a spacey vocal mix that easily fills the remaining space. The result is an endearing and vulnerable folk number that splits the difference between Elliot Smith and Sufjan Stevens”.

    You can check out In The Ashes and the rest of the EP on your favourite platform: http://hyperurl.co/EndOfDreams